Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Owner’s Chair

Published May 6, 2018 103,715 Plays $245.40 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when a stubborn Husky engages in a long and loud argument with owner over his favorite sitting spot. Remy is very comfortable laying in his owner's chair and refuses to give it up! What a temper tantrum!

Hilarious footage shows the moment a stubborn Husky engages in a full blown discussion with owner about sitting in the chair. He lets owner know that he is not willing to give up on his spot that easily, and he is not stopping until he makes his point. And as you can see, his point is lengthy and loud. Really, really loud.

Huskies are known as one of the most stubborn dog breed there is, and that fact is only supported by the countless videos of Huskies having temper tantrums. Still, no matter how vocal they get, we still love them! They make great pets, so if you're into arguing, and also want a pet, getting a Husky pet is the best choice! What a great temper-throwing canine!

When mommy tells Remy to get off the chair, he won’t obey and decides to protest instead! This protesting Husky engages in a long argument with owner, whining about his spot in the cozy chair. Remy is very spoiled and picky about his seats, so giving up his favorite spot is not something he is willing to compromise on! Watch as he continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores his owner’s command! Hilarious! Do you still want to own a Husky pet?

He won't let his mommy say anything before he is finished with his adorable temper tantrum, and we can't help but chuckle at his precious reaction. When it comes to stubborn dogs, it seems like this naughty dog breed is taking the crown as the most stubborn dog in the world! Whatever this pooch sets his doggy mind to, he will not take ‘no’ for an answer until it gets done the way he wants it! Watch how he argues with owner!

This is a typical Husky behavior, headstrong and vocal! It seems he doesn’t want to give up his place and engages in a long howling argument, which gets louder and louder as the feud continues! Why is it that makes Huskies so grumpy?