The Motorcycle That Took The Wrong Turn

Published May 6, 2018 67 Plays $0.26 earned

Rumble This video is proof of how people can sometimes miscalculate their abilities and circumstances when handling a two-wheeled vehicle: this man crashed his bike after failing to properly overtake a car on the curve.

The people returning from Surigao City to Butuan, the Philippines have a safety camera rolling at all times in their car. This is how they managed to catch the accident in the making. They were driving along a road with a moderate rate traffic. After overtaking a motor with an open makeshift trailer, the car got back into its lane. Then, out of the left side of its windscreen, you can see a motor carrying two passengers overtaking our car in the middle of a curve. This most definitely means that the motor started the action parallel with our car. Although the vehicles were properly distanced and the entire line of vehicles was moving at a moderate speed, the motorbike which tried to overtake and the rider lost control.

You can see the motor’s trajectory in the second part of the video. For better understanding, this part is repeated twice. It just cannot compute the curvature of the road with the moving speed. It is pushed on the side of the road where another biker was standing. Luckily, this biker moved in time and avoided being hurt. You can see the two passengers falling and rolling on the road along with the motorbike.

Fortunately, no one was hurt badly in the accident, with the exception of some grazes. This reminds us to always wear protective gear and never underestimate the conditions on the road or overestimate our driving skills.


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    Seems like everytime someone gets on a motorbike they think they're in a race, they don't know how to slow down.

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