Baby Has An Adorable Reaction Whenever Dad Blows Air In Her Face

Published May 5, 2018 1,631 Plays $3.10 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsBlowing on the face is a common trick. It triggers a reflex to hold the breath for a short moment. That stops the crying, and can also be used when washing the child's face etc. But this dad got a really different - and may we say adorable - reaction from his daughter when he blew air into the baby girl’s face!

Check out 6-month-old Emery's adorable reaction when her dad blows air into her face. Priceless! Every time dad blows a bit of air in the sweet girl’s face, she sticks her tongue out and giggles like it is the best joke in the entire world. The smile she lets out everytime dad tickles her face with air is just too much to handle! We don’t know is having more fun dad or Emery, but we do know one thing. This is a clip for the books and they should not lose it. Not ever!

This isn’t the only silly cute baby that we have seen that has such a priceless reaction to this harmless trick. Watch what happens when Katherine’s dad blows air onto his daughter's face. Now that's absolutely precious! Her reaction is priceless when her dad starts blowing into her face! Her face says: ‘What is happening right now?’. Katherine, we can see that you will have a lot of fun with your parents!

Watching these adorable videos, we must ask ourselves: do babies actually like this stuff? It is actually a really great trick that parents are using for when their babies are upset, they are crying or when they are mad. Few huffs and puffs and they will forget why they were crying or why they were mad in the first place. Truly interesting trick!