Mom's Yoga Trick With Daughter Goes Spectacularly Wrong

Published May 4, 2018 699 Plays

Rumble Best laid plans and all that. There are kids that want to work out with mom and dad, or at least copy them while they do their stretches and various movements. There are tons of videos of moms attempting to do yoga with or next to their kids. Usually the mom is just doing a series of poses while the baby or toddler attempts to imitate them. This video is slightly different because it involves the mom actually involving her kid in her yoga.

The little girl starts out standing on her mom’s hands. The mom then pushes her hands up in the air so that the girl is balancing on her hands. Eventually, the mom’s arms are straight up in the air and the little girl is standing up. They do a pretty good of balancing for a few moments. But then things start to go really wrong. The mom loses her grip on her daughter’s feet and the little girl slams down on to her mom’s face with her butt. And this little girl is ice cold, seriously. Look at her reaction after she falls on her mom.

She immediately runs over to the camera laughing and staring it while her mom rolls around in pain behind her. There is something about the way this little girl reacts to the camera that makes you kind of wonder if she fell on her mom’s face on purpose. I mean, she runs over to that camera right quick and starts making faces and laughing pretty immediately. She doesn’t even check on her mom. Pre-planned fail is what I say. She knew she was going to buttslam her mom’s face. Diabolical if I do say so myself.