Car Salesman Reveals Useful Tips Before Buying A Car

Published May 4, 2018 140,991 Plays

Rumble Seems like everyone knows that they shouldn't trust a car salesman, still people go shopping without proper research or preparing for the tricks that are imminent. We all want the best price and the best perks, but most people are not willing to get the work done. There is an interview in this video with an actual professional car salesman and he is being asked how to get the best deal on your next car. Watch this video for tricks of the trade that could save you thousands of dollars!

First of all, Smartphones are a salesperson's worst enemy! People can instantly look up a car's value and compare it to the prices at other car lots. Before travelling to a car lot, make sure to look them up online and see what they have in stock and research their competitors. Also look any reviews for the dealership and find out as much as you can about them. These details can come in handy once you get there, or even steer you away from them all together. Using online resources is your best trick available. Reviews can tell you so much about the car you want to by, the price you should pay and the dealership you buy it from. If a car catches your eye but you haven't researched it yet, don't buy it. Go home and look it up and see what other people are saying.

However, salespeople have a few tricks ready for this eventuality, as they now expect people to arrive with their phones in their hands and their customers locked and loaded with the knowledge they have learned online before arriving. They might tell you how the online price doesn't reflect the condition of the vehicle, or how their financing options are superior to anything you'd get at another dealership.

"Usually that's not true, or it's stretching the truth," our sources say. Every salesman has the ability to make deals and offer better financing options, it just comes down to whether they want to take the cut out of their own pocket or not. These guys have seen a few customers walk out with much better deals simply because they were willing to do more legwork. When a customer walks into a dealership knowing what the car is worth, knowing what they should be paying, it is impossible for a salesman to ask anymore for it. Just hold up your phone and say "well here is what they are charging down the road, maybe I should go there!".

Another helpful trick is to get pre-approved for a car loan before you even start stopping for a new vehicle. "If you work with your own bank, and get your own loan without involving the dealership, do it." our sources suggest. "If you come in with a pre-approved loan, we're toothless." Sometimes banks can offer a much more appealing interest rate, and then you are not stuck with all of the small print that every dealership has on their loans. A bank is always a much smarter bet for vehicle consumers.

Hopefully these tricks will help you negotiate the best deal possible for your next car purchase.