Storytelling Industrial Complex

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George Webb joins Peter Duke to discuss the Los Angeles Storytelling Industrial Complex and the application of Critical Journalism Theory

This video delves into the influence and impact of storytelling in shaping societal and political narratives, comparing it to the military-industrial complex. It discusses the role of institutions like Rand Corporation in crafting compelling stories to influence public perception and policy.


The discussion emphasizes that storytelling is a powerful tool used to manipulate public opinion and justify government actions. It parallels the Rand Corporation’s reports to Hollywood’s storytelling, suggesting that both create narratives that shape reality. The final takeaway is that stories can be used to control and direct societal beliefs and behaviors, much like military strategies.

Key Points:

🎥 Storytelling Power: Storytelling shapes societal and political narratives, influencing public opinion.

🏛️ Rand Corporation: Compared to Hollywood, Rand creates narratives to influence policies.

📚 Critical Theory: Applied to various domains like journalism, creating divisions and controlling perceptions.

💡 Psychological Operations: Stories and reports can manipulate mass beliefs and behaviors.

🧠 Cultural Influence: Subversive media erodes societal values by reversing moral roles.

📰 Citizen Journalism: Importance of independent reporting to uncover and challenge dominant narratives.

🧬 Critical Vax Theory: Parallels drawn with critical race theory, creating societal divisions.

🌐 Epistemology of Love: Emphasizes the need for empathy and understanding to counter divisive narratives.

⚙️ Military Influence: DARPA’s super soldier programs and their cultural implications.

🎤 Music and Media: Use of music and media as tools for psychological operations and cultural manipulation.


Storytelling Influence: The video argues that storytelling, like the military-industrial complex, is used to shape societal narratives and control public opinion.

Rand Corporation’s Role: The Rand Corporation is likened to Hollywood in creating narratives that influence government policies and public beliefs.

Critical Theory: The application of critical theory in various domains, such as journalism and race, is discussed as a method to create divisions and control societal perceptions.

Psychological Manipulation: It highlights how psychological operations use storytelling to manipulate beliefs and behaviors, drawing parallels with historical military strategies.

Cultural Subversion: The discussion touches on how subversive media and reversed moral roles in stories erode societal values and norms.

Citizen Journalism: The importance of independent journalism in challenging dominant narratives and uncovering truths is emphasized.

Critical Vax Theory: A comparison is made between critical race theory and vaccine-related societal divisions, showing how narratives can create significant societal rifts.

Epistemology of Love: The video stresses the importance of empathy and understanding in countering divisive and manipulative narratives.

DARPA’s Influence: The influence of DARPA’s super soldier programs and their cultural implications are explored.

Music and Psychological Operations: The use of music and media as tools for psychological operations and cultural manipulation is discussed, highlighting historical and contemporary examples.

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