Swinging Girl Goes Crashing To Earth After Tree Snaps

Published May 4, 2018 344 Plays

Rumble Oh boy, talk about a close call! We've all done some daring activities in our day, but this young lady certainly takes the cake! An adventure into the wilderness took a turn for the dangerous when a tree swinging teenage girl grabbed the WRONG branch and brought the entire forest crashing down upon her. It looked like a walk in the park, but this was no day at the beach. Happiness? Oh, it appeared to be just out of reach. Reach out and touch faith? Not today. Today was the day we'd all been waiting for. And waiting for the world to change wasn't looking too likely.

Like most great adventures, she was wearing she most combat ready pajama pants. But she was probably holding them up with a Batman esque utility bely. However else would she have been able to conquer the elements before her?