Stingray Jumps Into Little Girl’s Arms

AFVVirals Published May 4, 2018 6,239 Plays

Rumble Stingrays are such amazing animals! Even though most people think that they are pretty dangerous, it’s a fact that they will not attack anyone unless they feel threatened. But have you ever wondered whether stingrays like being cuddled? This funny video is here just to give you an answer to that question! As the video begins, you can see a group of people standing by a pool in the zoo. They are all touching the water, and you can tell that they are trying to get the attention from the animals swimming around the pool. But then, something unexpected happens. A group of stingrays approaches the edge of the pool, and one of the stingrays jumps into a little girl’s arms! OMG! This little girl definitely was not expecting to experience a close encounter with a stingray! Maybe the animal just wanted a cuddle form this adorable girl? Either way, this video is absolutely hilarious!