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Black slavery ended completely in 1840, but in 2024 we’re still apologizing!

Ya gotta ask yourself why we continue to patronize Black Americans. From the soft compliment or bowed head to outright bigotry we bring Blacks to the surface of society and do whatever it takes to keep them there. Yes, bigotry works both ways and don’t you forget it!

We’re talking about 12% of the legal American population, yet the apologetics continue at a totally disproportionate level.

In television advertising we promote Black Americans in an entirely positive light, occupying the small screen in over 87% of the time and presented in that positive light over 98.6% of the time. You’d be hard-pressed to find a black villain in almost all of television’s content.

While our Black American brothers and sisters are painted in a positive light on regular television 98.6% of the time, those ‘other-than-black’ people are painted in a negative way on the same television content 48% of the time. The disproportionate representation of Blacks over Whites is an obvious slap in the face to reason itself.

In higher education it is the same. Recently a bit of a brouhaha erupted at UCLA for refusing to admit a Black American to Medical School. The applicant had failed his mathematics and science portions of the MSAT and scored well below the minimum acceptable score. Still, there is a fight to admit him anyway, this despite the fact that American Blacks lead the pack when it comes to failing Medical School.

In light of this disappointing figure, some medical schools have actually lowered their standards in order to pass people of inferior education through the system. Could this be aimed at Black Americans? Actually … it is!

American Blacks and Whites have been pitted against one another for generations with the real thrust beginning under the Lyndon Johnson Administration from 1963-1969. It was his administration that crafted the wholly prejudicial welfare state to cater to and coddle the lowest of the low among Black Americans. While there are very sharp Black Americans, there are also very sharp White Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and so the list of races goes on.

Our very society has become so sensitized to the non-existent ‘plight’ of the Black Man, that the truth is all but lost by design. Remember that while Black Slavery was totally abandoned 184 years ago, still we hear cries for reparations and affirmative action programmes and other handouts exclusively available to Black Americans.

The Irish were enslaved in the United States, as were Chinese, for nearly a hundred years but there are no cries for reparations or other welfare or charity programmes to give them a leg up on everyone else.

Blacks and Whites are humans and 12% of people legally in the United States are Black humans.
Wouldn’t it seem to be fair if we saw Blacks in about 12% of television, motion picture, advertising, college admissions, etc.? That would certainly seem to be fair but, in light of our sensitivities to race that’s not about to happen.

It’s time we stopped apologizing for the sins of our great, great, great, great, great grandparents. We played no part in the horrific sin of slavery, neither did anyone in living memory or the memories of those now dead for over 100 years. Also, there are no Black Americans whose great, great, great grandparents can recall any of the elements of slavery in this land.

Summary: It’s ancient history people. Get over it! Move on! Get on with your lives!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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