Biker Tries To Ride Off Ramp And Falls Spectacularly

Published May 4, 2018 120 Plays

Rumble Dirt bike rides are so much fun! Especially when you are skilled enough to ride over a ramp! Even though it might seem easy when you see someone else do it, riding over a ramp is pretty challenging! This hilarious video is here to prove it! In the beginning, you can see a boy riding a dirt bike and practicing going on and off a small ramp. At first, it seems like he’s got everything under control, but soon hilarity ensues. He manages to get on the ramp smoothly but then it all literally goes downhill as he tries to ride off the ramp. This video shows a perfect slow-motion shot of his hilarious fail. And we can all agree that everything is much more exciting in slow-motion! He falls off the front of the bike, and the bike flips in the air and almost falls on him! That was close! Isn’t this the most spectacular bike fail you have ever seen? So hilarious!