Anthony Fauci Grilled By Marjorie Taylor Green Over Covid's Origins By GOP-Led Subcommittee

1 month ago

Bear speaks about the Covid's Origins in the GOP-Led Subcommittee hearing to Dr. Anthony Fauci as Marjorie Taylor Green grills Fauci for his abuse of power during the Covid Scamdemic and what are the facts versus what he made up in order to maintain control over the American People, and the World in general.

Lessons From the Great Covid Cover-Up

BREAKING - MUST WATCH: This was perhaps the most EXPLOSIVE exchange today between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Congressman Rich McCormick (@RepMcCormick), a medical doctor who treated patients during COVID but was censored for pointing out the science.

DC_Draino : “MTG told Fauci to his face that he belongs in prison, She also wouldn’t refer to him as “Doctor” Fauci b/c he helped coordinate experiments where Beagle dogs had their faces eaten off by bugs. He’s an evil tyrant and now the whole country is seeing it!”

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