THD 101 USound MEMS Speakers Development Evolves with 2-way In-Ear Audio Systems

12 days ago

The Total Harmonic Discussion / the THD Podcast. A weekly discussion on audio and headphone technologies and the people who bring the technology to market.

In episode 101, Konstantin Davy and Andrea Greco from USound join us to update us on the journey to bring MEMS speakers to the world. They have a new MEMS speaker called CONAMARA plus an ASIC called Tarvos which is a purpose-built audio amplifier to drive their speakers. In addition, they have partnered with Luxshare and OBO Pro to combine dynamic drivers with their MEMS speakers to create 2-way speaker modules that deliver full-range sound.

USound is a fast-growing company that enables customers to bring new revolutionary audio products to the market. They provide innovative audio system solutions based on highly scalable MEMS technology. Their revolutionary products include advanced MEMS speakers, audio modules and amplifiers.

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Thanks to Barry Vogel and the ALTI Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International for their support as well!

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