THD 98 Absolute Audio Labs SW Enhance Speech Intelligibility + Perception of Music in Hearing Aids

12 days ago

The Total Harmonic Discussion / the THD Podcast. A weekly discussion on audio and headphone technologies and the people who bring the technology to market.

In episode 98, Aernout Arends the CEO of Absolute Audio Labs in the Netherlands joins to discuss their algorithm bridging the gaps from hearings to the OTC hearing assist devices. Absolute Audio Labs develops cutting-edge technology for Hearing and Voice applications. Their B2B Audio software suites - PYOUR Audio Hearing, Voice, and Safesound - cover a wide range of applications, mainly focusing on speech intelligibility, personalization, music perception, and hearing protection for TWS earbuds and Hearing Aids.
We are also joined by Adrie van Meijeren of Renasas to discuss the collaboration with semiconductor manufacturer Renesas. Renesas has selected AAL’s PYOUR Audio new 3.0 hearing suite as the solution for hearing enhancement supported on a new family of connectivity products. The collaboration intends to deliver excellent assistive hearing performance to a broad range of products from (OTC) hearing aids, TWS earbuds to unified communication headsets where it can enhance hearing in noisy environments.

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Thanks to Barry Vogel and the ALTI Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International for their support as well!

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