WEF Unveils Mandatory 'Brain Implants' to Eradicate Conspiracy Theories

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18 days ago

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Not content with euthanizing your grandparents, pumping mRNA into the food supply to alter your DNA, normalizing pedophilia, and riddling the population with turbo cancer via Bill Gates’ synthetic meat products, the globalist elite are now desperate to regain total control over humanity by waging a war the WEF have disturbingly named the “Battle for your Brain.”

According to Klaus Scwab’s WEF, humanity will be better equipped to deal with future challenges if unborn children undergo gene editing to ensure they are free of disabilities, disease, and psychological traits of which the elite disapprove.

If Schwab’s plans to “alter the human being” and win the “Battle for your Brain” are not disturbing enough, wait until you hear how the European Union is planning to crack down on any opposition to the globalist agenda.

Forewarned is forearmed. This is a coordinated attack by the global elite and its about to explode.

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