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Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Joe Lombardi, the owner of Ironhawk Financial Company. 

Mr. Lombardi gave us the good news that he is going to begin broadcasting a weekly podcast called "Money Talk with Ironhawk'' on Tuesdays, and will soon after begin he will be broadcasting a weekly webinar on financial matters. Both programs will be on Apple and all of its outlets. 

Mr. Lombardi said that Americans are finally realizing that the goal of the Biden Administration is to turn the American dream into the American nightmare. 

Indeed, he argued that it is likely that Biden and his circle will create a huge economic crash between Trump's election and his inauguration. In regard to the non-stop printing of U.S. currency, Mr. Lombardi said that the only worth in that currency is based on the labor of Americans and the tax payments thereon they are required to pay. 

In essence Americans have been enslaved via an agreement by both parties to fund their wars, waste, and corruption on the back of the working person. This is made easier for the political parties by the fact that only 6 or 7 companies -- with Black Rock in the lead -- hold the bulk of the world's wealth. 

Black Rock, for example, is now inflating the home market by buying up single-family homes, in cooperation with the WEF's plan to "have people have nothing and own nothing." The same culprits are manipulating individual retirement accounts in a manner that, when it comes time for an individual to draw from his retirement account he or she will receive far less than they expected. These companies and both political parties, Mr. Lombardi concluded, have neither "conscience or remorse."

Mr. Lombardi's website is https://wwww.ironhawkfinancial.com. 
His email is Joe@ironhawkfinancial.com. 

Currently he is offering a book he has written about the U.S. economy, its future, and what it means for citizens, and is offering a free copy to our listeners if they email him and request the book.

Music Credits: Olafur Arnalds

Dr Michael Scheuer & Colonel Mike co-host Two Mikes. This show discusses current events from a Pro-America, Constitutional perspective. These two have guest hosted radio shows for 6 years and are excited to join with like minded people on Freedom First Network. Dr. Michael Scheuer is a former CIA analyst who ran the Osama bin Laden tracking unit, as well as the author of many books. Colonel Mike is also a former liaison & contractor for many years in South East Asia. He's also an advisor and businessman with many contacts around the globe.

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