Smart Dog Carries Her Own Leash On Walks

Published May 3, 2018 36,623 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis dog is too cute for human eyes. Her name is Mazie and she walks herself everywhere holding her own leash. She doesn't need any human to put her on a leash and take her for a walk. She is so smart she can walk herself loud and proud! And this is just an example how she navigates the streets around her neighbourhood. Mazie takes herself on the best walks, always carries her own leash, always up for an adventure, and oftentimes she stops to say hello to the people she meets on the streets. She has to be the center of attention at all times. Look at her, taking herself for a walk. Isn’t she the sweetest thing ever?

There’s certainly no better way to walk downtown than with Mazie. The harried office denizens commuting from work, the slow-moving clusters of tourists, the shoppers loaded with bags but no sense of direction - they all melt into a heap of happy when they see Mazie. The smiles spread like a virus. she may not always understand exactly what her owner is saying, but she is always willing to listen.

The impression that Mazie leaves when we look at her is that of dog impurity. She brings about happiness and joy. How can we not appreciate her enthusiasm for life? She has the funniest expression on her face, dragging the dog leash in her mouth. She is a good company with a lot of character.

One can learn so much from dogs. They teach you to appreciate the little things and to live a simpler but more fulfilling life. They're wise and become wiser with age, let's admit it.