This Pooch Is Quick To Help Young Owner Clean The Mixing Bowl

Published May 3, 2018 763 Views $0.09 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsAn adorable moment is caught on camera when this little girl gets some "assistance" from her Dalmatian friend with the dishes. Too cute! The girl’s mom made a strawberry cake to bake, wo when the mixing bowl was emptied into the baking dish, she gave the bowl to the girl for some ‘assistance’.

Apparently, she forgot about the family pooch, because it, too, wanted to help out with the chores. While some might frown upon the fact that the kid is basically eating off the same dish as the dog, this is really sweet. They are sharing the bowl down the middle, so don’t worry. Plus they are best friends, so there is little harm, if any.

Speaking of best friends sharing stuff, we have to mention our favorite compilation that shows a different side of kids growing up with their pets. Every kid needs a friend, but a pet can be the best friends! Especially if they grow up together, the bond can be as deep and unique as siblings’. That pet will teach your child the most fundamental principles of life, like unconditional love, sharing and fair play. But this compilation of clips shows how doting they can be towards the young one, kissing them and playing with them.

These clips feature some of the most hilarious shenanigans that pets can get with your kid. Chewing a toilet roll together? No problem. Licking spilt milk off the floor? Right away. Sharing a crate? Anytime!

So if you ever pondered over getting a pet for your kid, we hope this compilation convinced you into saying YES!