What Should You Do When The Canada Revenue Agency Calls You?

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19 days ago

If you have ever wondered what you are supposed to do when a criminal from the Canada Revenue Agency calls you, here is the answer!

This is the most important video that you're ever going to see.

Once you have your answer from this video, you need to book a consultation with me immediately so we can address what your tax issues are, build a strategy and then destroy the CRA and keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket!

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I have studied tax law since I was 13 years old. I have seen how many lives the Canada Revenue Agency has destroyed over the years the sheer number of marriages that have collapsed because of these people, the number of children who went hungry or without education because of these people and the number of suicides that have taken place because these people will not leave good citizens alone. if you want the truth, everybody who works for the Canada Revenue Agency should be in prison for life for conspiracy, fraud, intimidation, uttering threats, murder and many many others.

They are right now trying to write a new law stopping little old me from helping you keep your money away from them. that is how desperate these scum Lords really are.

The Canadian government put me in prison for 7 months of my life because I told you that there was no pandemic. why would they do this? because I was interfering with their money and interfering with their capacity to kill you which they are still doing today.

I plan to go out of my way to interfere with the Canada Revenue agencies capacity to take your homes from you it's all you have left and you should be able to keep it. get a hold of me right now.


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