The Father of the Nation State— Nicholas of Cusa

1 month ago

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After Thursday’s butchery of law and justice, President Trump’s donations site broke down under a record flood of contributions—many from people who had never before contributed to a political campaign. Those citizens know they need to better understand the principles for which President Trump, and they, themselves, have pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.”

To this end, Will Wertz, a long-time close associate of Lyndon LaRouche, will give two classes on the contributions of Nicolaus of Cusa (1401-1464) to both political science and physical science. Wertz was jailed along with Lyndon LaRouche in 1989, in a judicial railroad which presaged those against Donald Trump.

During his imprisonment he translated many of the works of Nicolaus of Cusa, who was the organizer of the Council of Florence, which gave rise to the Italian Renaissance.

Nicolaus of Cusa was a universal genius whose ideas are relevant to our solving the crisis which today threatens the very survival of our Republic.

The second class, on June 15, will cover Cusa’s contributions to physical science. Tony Papert will moderate the discussions.

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