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Welcome to the Mavis Farmacy Lab, What you see is live Cams from around my farm.
The Mavis Institute Co-Op, which is a year-round non-profit farm, permaculture lab/ education center; located in a small hamlet of Flat Top on the grounds of Mavis Manor/ Mavis Farmacy in Mercer County WV. In the heart of Appalachia
In the stream you can see, the Bee Hives, Silvia the Pig, The Coopenheimer Barn, and Flat Top Mountain.
We believe quality education is key in creating a 'real' sustainable future. Our permaculture training and the shared resources (which include access to land), will help provide the opportunities to reshape communities.
Our programs give folks access to the skill sets of growing their own food, taking steps towards having self-reliance or perhaps starting their own farm-based businesses. We offer hands-on apprenticeship/ mentorship, workshops, and other outreach programs.
Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.
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PO Box 13 Flat Top, WV 25841
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