4 years ago

Girl Takes Car Window For Mirror And Fails Into Embarrassment

Watch the funny moment when a woman in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, fixes her bra while using a shaded car window as a mirror - before getting a very nasty surprise! The person sitting in the car was recording the entire process and in the end, couldn’t resist to reveal himself and shocking the unsuspicious woman. After the realization, she hurriedly moved away from her mirror as if running from embarrassment. Too late! The video is currently sweeping all social media!

This Vietnamese woman was not only fixing and re-fixing her shirt as well as her bra, but she took the time to pick her nose in front of the car's window. In the footage she can be seen unashamedly adjusting her bra and shirt going to the full extent, as is she is alone in a changing room. She even puts her hands down the front of her top, cups her breasts and seems to be impressed with her assets. The Vietnamese woman then continued to dig deep into her nose, flare her nostrils and pull faces at her unsuspecting on-looker.

And, boy was she surprised to find that someone was not only there for the whole time, but actually following her every motion, catching it all in a video, for the posterity. No wonder the video shows her embarrassingly running off after the driver rolls down the window.

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