Great Dane Shows How Fascinated He Is By Cat’s Fancy Hat

Published May 2, 2018 1,782 Views $1.85 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere is a widespread belief that cats and dogs do not get along with eachother that well and that their friendship is virtually impossible. This might have been true in the past but not any more. In these modern times, with tons of videos going viral, it is practically impossible not to witness a BFFs among unmatchable species in the animal world.

A perfect example of a quirky friend’s relation is the one between a Great Dane and a cat. We know when a girl and boy become true friends, it is a perfect recipe for a lifelong friendship. What is Ellie the Great Dane puppy totally bewildered with, is her friend Jack the cat's hat. You can only watch and laugh as Jack patiently models his hat for playful Ellie.

When someone says “Great Dane”, the term conjures up a picture of the gangly and troublesome Marmaduke ruining the neighbor’s yard, or Shaggy’s clumsy canine companion in a Scooby Doo mystery, cowering or devouring everything in sight. The most we get from these caricatures are lovable, bumbling giants generally causing mayhem. Does Ellie’s personality live up to its cartoonish hype?

Thanks to her friendly nature, Ellie is patiently observing her mate and she can’t grasp what the Deuce is she wearing a funny hat like that. Whether it is her fascination with the hat or the fact that she is not used to seeing the cat in so formal clothes, the reaction is one and the same: a fixed look while she is circling around the chair. The cat looks like he is going to attend a Royal wedding and he is mentally getting ready by relaxing in the huge armchair. We are sure that Ellie wants to show a demonstrative attachment to Jack because she becomes quite stressed if she doesn’t have companionship.