Curious Chicken Chases After A Playful Pooch In The Yard

Published May 2, 2018 4,051 Plays $4.63 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA hilarious footage has emerged of a bossy chicken chasing after her canine companion! This unlikely animal friendship is guaranteed to brighten up your day!

Bobbie, the family dog wants her stick, but Iron Man, the chicken doesn't want her to have it! Watch this epic struggle as chicken and dog engage in an adorable chase around the yard, goofing over a stick! This is one video that no animal lover should ever have to miss out on!

What can be more amazing than seeing two pets making such great friends, especially when one animal is an adorable little puppy, and the other one is a stubborn chicken! So, if you like unusual pet friends' videos, this one is a real treat. You simply have to check out how adorable and super funny they are together!

Footage shows the cute little pup playing chase with the curious chicken, teasing her to chase after him around the yard in this adorable clip. It seems like these two are having a lot of fun playing together! It is adorable how strong their incredible bond is and how comfortably they feel around one another. Look at how well they get along!

This unusual animal friendship is just another proof on how much friends matter in everyone's life, and the same goes for our pets too. Animals are willing to look for friends in all kinds of places, and we are so glad that these two have found each other! What a precious moment captured on camera!