Faith & Freedom: Duane “Dog” Chapman, LTC (Ret.) Pete Chambers, Scott Kesterson, & Daniel Vargas

1 month ago

Best Selling author, bounty hunter, and TV star Duane "Dog" Chapman takes us through his transformation of faith. My husband Ted Nugent joins along with Lt. Col. (Ret.) Pete Chambers and Scott Kesterson of BardsFM discuss the whitetail deer slaughter by Texas Parks & Wildlife. Finally, Daniel Vargas, president and founder of Operation Triage joins us to discuss how we can all provide much-needed help to our veterans.

[1:04] Author, Bounty Hunter, and TV personality Duane "Dog" Chapman shares his journey from motorcycle gang member to reality TV star and Christian baptizer; how he became a bounty hunter after being released from prison; crediting his success as a bounty hunter to faith in Jesus and the lessons he learned from his experiences; witnessing to others about Jesus, where you can get his new book “Nine Lives and Counting”, and seeking to live a life pleasing to God

[15:54] Ted Nugent and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Pete Chambers discuss Texas Parks and Wildlife's slaughter of deer on private property; criticism for Texas Parks and Wildlife for their handling of Chronic Wasting Disease; the importance of upholding one's oath and taking a stand against authority when it issues illegal mandates and orders; the need to call state representatives and condemn the immorality perpetrated by Texas Parks and Wildlife; the scam of Chronic Wasting Disease

[26:29] Scott Kesterson discusses the atrocities committed by Texas Parks and Wildlife, including the whitetail massacre in Texas; government efforts to reduce independence and self-sufficiency; how mRNA vaccines are killing 30% of Texas cattle herds; criticizing the killing of deer without proper testing or consideration for veterans; importance of standing up for one's beliefs and values, even in the face of opposition

[37:55] Daniel Vargas, president and founder of Operation Triage, shares the organization's mission to provide financial relief to disabled veterans; how they are helping veterans with disabilities, including those who commit suicide daily; stories of Vietnam veterans denied benefits, and living in poverty; what you can do to help

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