Zeus The Husky Gets Fidgety At The Vet’s And Starts His Usual Fuss

Published May 1, 2018 31,166 Plays $77.78 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesVisits to the veterinarian are a part of everyday life and can be stressful for dogs and humans alike. Although we may try but we can’t really talk our pups through everything that’s going to happen. If you can make your puppy’s vet visits relaxed, it won’t develop anxiety about future appointments. However, not all dogs hate vet visits. You well remember Zeus the Stubborn Husky. He loves his vet, Dr. Yenser, but he does get a little impatient while waiting! We can all relate to that!

Do you remember the video about Zeus the stubborn and independent Siberian Husky that would not stop howling just because his owner did not let him go outside? Well, guess what, Zeus is back again with his usual sass. This time Zeus shows that he can’t bear the time he needs to spend waiting at the vet’s office, so the only logical thing he can do is his customary howl. Having watched so many videos with Zeus, we are already used to the way he reacts when something doesn’t turn like he has imagined.

What’s difficult for Zeus is the enclosed space of the waiting room and the anxiety associated with waiting. You can’t take this husky on a walk then make it sit about and do nothing, so maybe he tends to associate the vet with anxiety and boredom. He definitely doesn’t need to arrive at the vet’s office too early and one possible solution for his restlessness would be to bring a toy or do something productive while he is waiting.
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