I'm a Celebrity "Kids!" Watch how these kids take up a brave "Bug" Challenge!

CassieStudios Published May 1, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble These two Sisters Cassie and Keira had a great idea and decided they would like to take part in a Challenge as close like to the Bush Tucker trials on, I'm a Celebrity get me out of here TV show, it took a while to convince their parents though, but eventually they succeeded. They bravely Held Live insects with their eyes closed eg. Crickets, Little Worms, Locusts & Huge worms and then sit in the bath with them crawling over them. But when they fail to guess what the insects are correctly they must eat a dried dead insect! Their idea but safe to eat of course! A lot of screaming went on but these girls were determined to succeed in the task! they had the great idea of sitting in the bath so that the bugs wouldn't get all over the house! After the trial had finished we brought in their pets "two bearded dragon lizards Rango and Blaze" to eat up all the insects the Lizards must have thought it was their Birthday, who do you think deserves to win this Challenge? Cassie the older sister age 10 or Keira the Younger sister age 6? Comment what you think :-D Thanks for watching Hope You Enjoyed and please see our many other videos on Rumble and YouTube by Subscribing to CassieStudios! Bye


  • BenW, 1 year ago

    I don't think I would eat them... :-)

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