Fascinating Study Shows That Being Drunk Doesn't Change Your Personality

Published May 1, 2018 4 Views

Rumble Scientist says you don’t change as much as you think when you are drunk. There’s never been much scientific evidence for ‘drunk personalities’, but a study by scientists in the University of Missouri aimed to compare personal and outside observations of drunk people to see how much their personality actually changed.

156 people were surveyed to find out how they think they behave when they are ‘typically sober’ and when they are ‘typically drunk’. They were given a variety of drinks over 15 minutes. Next, they were filmed taking part in activities that show off personality traits and these videos were also to outside observers for assignment.

The observers, on the other hand, noted fewer differences across the sober and intoxicated participants’ personality traits. In fact, observer ratings indicated reliable differences in only one personality factor: extroversion. Specifically, participants who had consumed alcohol were rated higher on three facets of extroversion: gregariousness, assertiveness, and levels of activity.

The participants rated themselves as having changed significantly across five major personality traits when they were intoxicated. Given that extroversion is the most outwardly visible personality factor, it makes sense that both parties noted differences in this trait. But, the outside noticed fewer differences heightened extroversion of the participants was the only major difference. Scientists hope this study can be expanded upon and the results can help with interventions and reduce negative impact of alcohol on peoples lives.