­čö┤Trump Verdict Won't Matter, CIA Preparing To RIG Another US Election!!

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Stephen Gardner and Mike Benz https://x.com/MikeBenzCyber go deep on the Trump Trial scam and why a verdict won't end in Trump's favor. however, regardless of the outcome he will rise in the polls. We discuss the Georgia election scam. The Hunter Biden Laptop and the filth of the Biden family. Mike Benz concisely communicates why the Biden's are working so hard for Ukraine. I was shocked. Has the USA been hijacked by the CIA? YES!!

- **Missing Ballot Images in Georgia**: Fulton County audit revealed 380,761 missing ballot images from election day and over 17,000 from the recount audit. Questions arise about the existence of these ballots and discrepancies between ballots and votes.

- **Donald Trump Trials**: Concerns over judge's actions in Trump trials, including giving 50 pages of jury instructions without providing a copy to the jury, and stating that unanimous conviction on the same crime is not necessary. Criticism of the trial proceeding without a specific crime.

- **Hunter Biden Laptop**: Discussion on the Hunter Biden laptop and the implications of the 51 former intelligence officers' lies to deceive Americans and install Joe Biden as president. Claims of a psyop run by intelligence agents, possibly involving the CIA.

- **Biden Family and Ukraine**: Examination of the Biden family's connection to Ukraine and its potential link to the current US support in the Ukraine war. Speculation about CIA involvement.

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