The Mid-Week Update - Star Chamber Justice Convicts Trump, is World War III Next? - May 30, 2024

1 month ago

Watch our Founding Conference online - -- Join Susan Kokinda for the Promethean Action's midweek update on May 30th. Dive into the implications of the ongoing jury deliberations in Judge Merchan's New York courtroom, likened to the historical Star Chamber courts of 17th century England. Understand the enduring struggle against the Anglo-Dutch Empire's influence, and the political maneuvers aimed at preventing Trump’s possible return to the White House. Susan discusses potential geopolitical escalations, including a confrontation with Russia and the threat of World War III, with selections from Vladimir Putin's warnings. Featuring insights from Lyndon LaRouche, the episode concludes with a call to action ahead of the upcoming Promethean Action founding conference.

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