An Adorable Little Girl Gets Dizzy On A Spinning Chair

AFVViralsPublished: April 30, 2018
Published: April 30, 2018

Can you imagine a better way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon than having fun on a playground? Check out the best way to have some fun on the playground according to the little girl from this video! As the video starts, you can see her sitting in a spinning chair and spinning with a little help from her dad. You can tell that she’s been spinning for far too long. But when mom asks her whether she likes being dizzy, she replies that she loves it! LOL! Mom then tells her to get off the spinning chair and try and walk. Not only does she fail to walk, she can’t even stand up! Oh, how precious is this little dizzy girl? She loses her balance and falls down as soon as her dad puts her on the ground! She’s so dizzy she can’t probably even remember her own name! Don’t you worry, little one, you’ll be totally fine in a minute. This video is just way too funny!

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