Adorable Little Girl’s Bike Fail

Published April 30, 2018 1,160 Plays

Rumble Not many things in a little kid’s life are more important than learning how to ride a bike properly. That’s such a huge milestone! We can all remember the moment when our parents let us ride without training wheels. This video tells a story of an adorable little girl named Amelia who has just learned how to ride a bike on two wheels, like a big girl. You go, little one! Good job. Her dad is so proud of her that he decides to videotape the whole experience. On your mark, get set and go! She’s got some cycling skills! This little one is riding like a pro! You just have to see her pedaling away! She even shows that she knows how to stop without crashing. Well done, Amelia! Her dad congratulates her and tells her to look at the camera and say “I did it!”. As she looks up, she loses her balance and falls off her bike! LOL! Nobody was expecting that after such great performance! Don’t you worry little one, practice makes perfect!