Kenny Veach Vanishes on his Quest for the M Cave

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16 days ago

To most, the Mojave Desert looks barren. Jagged rock, swirling sand, and scrub brush.

But the Mojave is full of life. It’s been home to native tribes for thousands of years.

And the Mojave is also home to many caves; that hold many secrets.

Some caves are reported to be secret entrances to underground bases. And not all of those bases are occupied by humans.

Other caves are rumored to be portals to different places on earth. Or portals to different dimensions.

There are caves in the desert that cause even the most experienced explorers to run away in fear. But when they gather their courage and return to the caves, they can’t find them. They’re gone.

Year after year, adventures scour the Mojave; trying to solve these mysteries.

Some brave souls return with incredible stories. But others go out into the desert and they’re never seen again.

One of those brave souls - was Kenny Veach.

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