Smart Doggy Would Much Rather Go On Golden Retriever Back Rides

Published April 30, 2018 15,987 Plays $32.87 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOne might think that a dog, given how lively and enthusiastic those animals are, would much rather walk and run, than to be carried around like an infant. Most dogs are precisely like that; unless they are, of course, an English Bulldog. Or a Shiba. Those dogs would accept any kind of transport, even if that means getting dragged by the leash.

Then, there are dogs so canny, so resourceful, they will see an opportunity in its inception and will grab onto it with all four paws. Like this little girl did and we love every second of her endeavor.

Enjoy the playfulness of this little Bichon Frise called Lara. The tiny white puppy seems to enjoy taking long walks in the yard on her best friend Gilda’s back. The curly little monster would jump on the Golden Retriever’s back and she would stay perched there for a few moments. The view from the top isn’t so bad after all. Gilda doesn’t mind it one bit as she looks pretty content to indulge her little friend’s wishes. So cool!

You might recognize a situation from your own life in these two. You were probably there for a friend when they needed you the most and they just kept on coming. That is exactly what Lara did, only she found love and understanding in the calmness of her buddy Gidda. We love how patient the big dog is, letting the tiny and perseverant Lara jump all over her in an attempt to score an Golden Retriever back ride.