CIA DARK SECRET EXPOSED | Whistleblower Details COVERT PROGRAMS w/ Dr. Steven Greer

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Stephen Gardner and Dr. Steven Greer discuss the $50 billion black budget used by the Pentagon, US military and CIA to hide money and projects from Congress. Access the data base and come to an event by following this link:

- Leading figure in ufology and extraterrestrial intelligence.
- Founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project.
- Brings forward credible whistleblowers from military and government to testify about UFO phenomena.
- Author, documentary producer, and leader of peaceful extraterrestrial contact expeditions.
- Challenges the status quo, urging global acknowledgment of intelligent life beyond Earth.

- **Discussion on Secret Black Projects**
- Question on the U.S. Government spending $137 million a day on secret black projects.
- Inquiry about the nature and types of these secret projects.

- **Commentary on Representative Tim Burchett's Statements**
- Burchett's claim that revealing secret black budget projects could lead to deaths.

- **Briefing of U.S. Presidents**
- Question on how many U.S. presidents have been briefed by Dr. Greer and his team.
- Inquiry about which president was most open to their research on secret military programs, UFO information, and hidden energy technology.

- **Affordable Energy and Hidden Technologies**
- Dr. Jordan Peterson's emphasis on affordable energy as a key to improving global life and economic mobility.
- Question on the existence of free energy sources hidden by the government.

- **Government's Dark Programs**
- Inquiry about dark programs run by the government and intelligence agencies that even members of Congress are unaware of.

- **UFO Technology and Military Advantage**
- Question on whether the U.S. government is reverse engineering UFO technology.
- Inquiry about advanced weapons or aircraft kept secret to maintain a military advantage.
- Discussion on the use of UFO technology by governments to gain a military edge.

- **Whistleblower David Gruesch's Revelations**
- Question on the accuracy of Whistleblower David Gruesch's public statements.

- **Desire for Disclosure**
- Discussion on the desire for more disclosure to the American people and leaders in Congress.
- Inquiry about who is holding up the disclosure process.

- **Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive**
- Explanation of what the Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive is and how people can learn more about it.
- Details on the archive:
- Over 7,900 files, some with hundreds of pages.
- Public named witnesses: 115 total, 645 confidential witnesses.
- Witness list contains named and confidential witnesses.
- Explosive witnesses.
- 136 cases of UFO crashes.
- 747 government documents from all over the world.

- **Age of Hidden Technologies**
- Question on whether hidden technologies are old or new, and the significance of their origins.

- **ET Visits to Roswell**
- Clarification on the reason for ET visits to Roswell, particularly in relation to nuclear weapons storage.

- **Pilot Encounters with Aerial Phenomena**
- Mention of over 3,500 documented pilot encounters with aerial phenomena.
- Inquiry about whether these sightings are by Navy or Air Force pilots during training off the coasts of Florida or San Diego.

- **Upcoming Events**
- Information on the Contact and Consciousness Conference in Temecula, California in July.

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