Dog Enjoys Leisure Time By Being Vacuumed

Published April 29, 2018 143 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesVacuuming is an unpleasant enough chore, but when you add a frantic, barking dog to the already loud racket, it’s enough to drive you and everyone else is the household crazy. If you think the problem is unique to your dog, think again. Dogs universally dislike the vacuum monster. Put yourself in your dog’s place, and you can instantly understand why he hates and fears the vacuum cleaner. For one thing, it’s loud. For another, it’s big and threatening. And for a third, you appear to be fighting with it, or at least moving oddly when you’re with it. Plus, your dog can’t possibly understand what it’s for. Your little buddy licks the floor when something gets on it. He has no concept of cleaning the floor.

However, Memphis the husky is experiencing total zen as he gets vacuumed by his owner. He doesn’t exhibit any discomfort around the vacuum. In fact, he loves the way the sweeper moves all over his body over and over again, and he seems eager for more. When you see his face, his expression is not tense or fearful, but relaxed. This one-minute video does not show Memphis having a negative experience at all. His body is relaxed, there are a lot of happy tail wags, and the he seems like he is experiencing some kind of revelation.

Memphis takes his leisure swiftly like he has the whole time in the world. Of course he has, dogs have ample free time to do whatever they want and one of their favorite activities are being patted, massaged and obviously being vacuumed. This husky is so unobtrusive - he is such a pet that he doesn’t need to constantly pester his owners’ attention.