EP98: What Did Donald Trump Reveal About Libertarians? - Gracearchy with Jim Babka

1 month ago

There's redundant commentary all over 'Streamville' and 'Podlandia' about Donald Trump's appearance at the Libertarian Convention this past weekend. But with his seasoned perspective and multi-decade experience, Jim Babka unravels and explores whether the exposure gained from Trump's visit was effectively utilized by the Libertarians. He also delves into the divisive "Thick-libertarian vs. Thin-libertarian" debate, showing how it's harmed the party and the movement. Then, he proposed four steps towards party restoration and effectiveness. Bill Protzmann describes Jim's independent voice as "the third party inside the third party." It's really an invitation to grace -- quite unique in politics. And you'll value these insights.
[NOTE: Certain elements of this program are visual.]


0:00 Theme
0:59 Zero Aggression
1:34 Qualified and unique 'takes' on Libertarian Convention
5:00 What was Trump doing at the convention?
9:38 Parsing the factions
11:38 Libertarians not part of the Right
15:15 Inviting Exposure
17:50 Putting your best foot forward
19:45 Setting the stage
26:18 The Audition, a Harry Browne legacy
30:44 Bad scheduling, worse TV
31:44 You have to have your nominee!
32:16 Scorched earth, the thin skins, and mistrust
36:08 Thick-libertarian vs Thin-libertarian
40:10 Pastor and the Pornographer in the same Pew
41:57 Unique Sales Proposition of Libertarianism
42:52 Bring your meaning, I bring Grace
43:41 Gracepoint 1: Get out of the Conflict Machine
47:26 Gracepoint 2: Values vs Ethics, know the difference
52:32 Gracepoint 3: The ISSUE should be Human Respect
55:35 Gracepoint 4: Replacing our Model, no scapegoating

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