Ex-CIA just SHOCKED the world with TERRIFYING new Trump prediction!

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Ex- CIA Kevin Shipp tells Stephen Gardner about how the CIA has actively infiltrated the US government and how they will actively set Trump up to fall. Kevin's first book From The Company of Shadows - https://amzn.to/4bLgnJi | Kevin's new book will be out in September of 2024 - https://amzn.to/3V57aEW Follow on Twitter @Kevin_Shipp

- **Guest Introduction**: Kevin Shipp, former CIA Counter Terrorism Expert, Counterintelligence Investigator, Whistleblower, and Author of "From the Company of Shadows" and "Twilight of the Shadow Government: How Transparency Will Kill the Deep State."

- **CIA Contractors Withholding Intel**: Investigative journalist James O’Keefe recorded CIA contractors admitting they withheld intelligence from Donald Trump and plan to do so again if he returns to office. Question: Doesn't the CIA report to the sitting president, and isn't it unethical to mislead a president?

- **US Government and Technology Theft**: Discussion about the Netflix show "The Octopus Murders" where the US government allegedly stole computer technology from a private business for espionage. Inquiry into the CIA and intelligence agencies funding Google and using it for nefarious purposes.

- **Hunter Biden Laptop and Election Interference**: Addressing the false letter from 51 former intelligence officers claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation and the implication of this act as election interference deserving punishment.

- **Government Allowing Harmful Chemicals**: Exploration of government actions allowing harmful chemicals in food and water, and reports of chemical contamination in sperm. Question on whether this is a strategy to control the population.

- **CIA Infiltrating Media (Project Mockingbird)**: Question about the veracity of Project Mockingbird, where the CIA allegedly infiltrated mainstream media to control the narrative, based on previous CIA operative's denial.

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