The Monday Brief - If You Unpeel Your Axioms, Do you find a British Core or an American One?

1 month ago

Get our *FREE* daily newsletter @ -- A momentous week awaits. Trump’s trial will conclude in Manhattan. It’s rigged and it’s not the verdict but the response to it which will be historic. We think a conviction is inevitable, but the public knows it’s rigged. The American people continue to reject it. They are responding to something truly American and universal in Trump. Authentic, he says what he means and fights for it. He is a builder, not a politician. But the scripters are also making him a hero, the man fighting against all odds for his truth. They don’t understand either his connection to the American people or this aspect of what they are doing. Two events, the Libertarian Convention and the huge rally in the Bronx showed him to be the city builder and the uniter. The Libertarians share a characteristic with both the war in Ukraine, and in the Middle East. They all are totally British creations, dating back decades and centuries. Do you know your own ways of thinking and reacting which have been shaped by British intelligence? Do you know the difference with that, an ideology invented to destroy the United States, and the American System which Trump represents?

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