KMS Live | May 28, 2024 - Brand New TV

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Blind Mike and Gus are in studio as Kirk announces that Team Minihane will have a tune up match against Coleman, Gus, and Mut. (10:40) With Klemmer in town on Thursday, Team KMS will be having a team dinner. (11:20) Greg Poehler will be joining Team KMS for a game. (15:40) Gus' wife was hanging with the mime at the last game. (16:20) Kirk remembers Bill Walton. (22:50) Is Josh getting too big for the Team KMS broadcasts. (25:10) Mick thinks the 2017 Warriors are better than the 1986 Celtics. (30:50) A beat reporter for The Athletic was upset that his quote about the game was used by Legion Hoops. (35:38) Kirk thinks Pat Ford is a team cancer. (43:50) Gus talks about tailgating at Bridgewater State. (45:10) Coleman was surprised by Grayson Murray's suicide this weekend. (56:50) Fran claims Kirk is the person she hates the most at Barstool. (01:03:35) Justin wanted to know if there was such a thing as a zone offense. (01:06:25) There was a movie theater stabbing this weekend. (01:07:50) Jeff D. Lowe calls in. (01:13:45) Richard Dreyfuss wore a dress to a screening of Jaws this weekend and went on an angry rant. (01:21:00) Justin questions Bruce Springsteen kissing Clarence Clemons. (01:22:25) There's a new conspiracy theory about Kate Middleton's death. (01:27:50) A tweet claims a Red Sox podcast host is a fan of sucking toes and eating ass. (01:31:50) Trump talk. (01:35:20) Mike Tyson had a medical emergency boarding a plane this weekend. (01:38:40) Gus got a brand-new ten year old TV. (01:39:40) Gus claims he doesn't give his dogs human food. (01:49:35) An update on The Worst Third Chairs bracket.

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