Toilet-Licking Politician, New P. Diddy Allegations, and The Osbournes Get Scammed!

17 days ago
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We have a scammer! More info below…

An ACTION PACKED episode of The Osbournes podcast coming at you this week! First off, we are getting scammed! *** Be aware that someone is currently impersonating our team, using fake identities and a bogus company to solicit advertising deals. This active scam involves emails and calls falsely claiming to represent The Osbournes Podcast. Please exercise caution and verify the identities of those you communicate with, connecting only through our official channels. Onto some puppy stuff… we got a new doggo! Say hello to Porkchop as we bring this little character into the spotlight for a special cameo. In trending news, we dissect bizarre and troubling stories: from a German politician's unsettling public behavior that's sparked nationwide controversy, to Riley Keough's legal battle to protect Graceland, her grandfather Elvis Presley's iconic home. We also cover the alarming revelations involving Sean 'Diddy' Combs' past actions, highlighted by new surveillance footage, and discuss the implications of 50 Cent's upcoming docuseries on Diddy, which has just secured a deal with Netflix. is LIVE! Join the family at for early access, perks, merch and much more. IS NOT CONNECTED TO US IN ANYWAY - THIS IS NOT OUR EMAIL

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