Silver Price SOARING Today | HUGE Silver News Update, COMEX HEATING UP

21 days ago

In this video I talk about silver price moving up and how silver price is exploding at the moment. Silver price is now well over $30 per oz but can it hold? Will silver price go down next week? Silver is beating the stock market and is up almost 35% so far this year. Silver price is moving up much faster than gold. This is the highest silver price has hit since 2013. The COMEX is heating up as more interest in silver has spiked. This silver price update talks about why silver price is up and where silver price can go from here. The gold silver ratio is dropping fast indicating that silver price is moving up faster than gold price. I talk about the real gold silver ratio is now nearing 70:1! Will silver price continue to rise or will we have a correction? I do not know the future and this is not financial advice. Silver price has an inflation adjusted all time high of $142 per oz and silver price has a long way to go to climb that high. Where is silver price headed in 2024?

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