đź”´Biden's WORST NIGHTMARE happening + Trump Bronx Rally BREAKS RECORD

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- Nikki Haley endorsed Donald Trump for President during a speech at the Hudson Institute, emphasizing Trump's policies over Biden's.
- This endorsement is a significant blow to Biden, who has been trying to win over Haley's supporters.
- The Daily Beast reports that Biden's campaign met with a group of Haley's supporters after her announcement.
- Biden's Education Department announced $7.7 billion in loan forgiveness through controversial repayment programs.
- Biden's student debt forgiveness has totaled $167 billion, circumventing the Supreme Court's ruling.
- Despite debt forgiveness efforts, Trump raised $76 million in April compared to Biden's $51 million.
- Biden's campaign addressed the fundraising gap, emphasizing the need to get their message out and counter Trump's momentum.
- Biden accused Trump of using Hitler's language in a campaign ad, but the claim was debunked as a misunderstanding of a video template.
- Fulton County DA Fani Willis won the Democratic primary despite controversy, and will face Courtney Kramer in November.
- House Speaker Mike Johnson is looking to penalize the International Criminal Court for placing an arrest warrant on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
- Johnson criticized Biden for removing Trump’s sanction deterrents, opening the door for ICC actions against Israeli leaders.
- 124 countries, including EU members, are ICC members and would be compelled to arrest Netanyahu if he visits.
- Germany warned Netanyahu against visiting due to the ICC arrest warrant.
- Trump held a successful rally in Bronx, NY, with over 35,000 attendees, despite predictions of low turnout.
- Governor Hochul called Trump supporters clowns, contrasting sharply with Trump's rally success.
- Trump’s speech focused on success and hard work, while Biden’s speech at Morehouse College emphasized victimhood and systemic racism.

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