Baby Shows Off His Break-Dancing Skills

Published April 27, 2018 2,243 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsChildren are precious little things. They are the light at the end of the tunnel when something bad happens. They are our treasure and we should always have in mind that if we are going through a rough patch, children are always there to put a smile on our grim faces. We should never underestimate their positive energy that is somehow contagious and spreads around at a gallop. Feeling better has never been closer now, it is just one click of the button away, all you need is an Internet and babies like the one in this video pulling a crazy dance on the streets in Paris. Check out this cutsie busting out some moves after seeing break-dancers perform on the street. Those are some sweet moves right there!

This toddler knows that the only way not to leg behind the rhythm of the music, is to try and dance it away because children simply know when is the right time for monkeying around. Being a real show-off, this baby reigns the “dance floor” giving us a unique opportunity to witness such virtuous dancing techniques. The good thing about children is they feel rarely shy and the word “embarrassed” does not appear to be at the top of their active dictionary. So, totally unaware that he is going to become an Internet star soon, he keeps on kicking his legs forwards, backwards, sideways, in circles, virtually in every possible way you can imagine. He has obviously perfected his spin and adds some strategic movements. We can see him spinning around in circles on one foot and then quickly stepping and stomping on both feet. His arms are whirling around with his body. He is clearly enjoying the beats as he gets down with some breakdance-inspired moves.

It is his message to the world that we need music as much as we need air, so let’s never stop dancing, folks!