A Woman Struggles To Break A Champagne Bottle On The Side OF A Boat

AFVVirals Published April 27, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Can you imagine a better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than sailing on a boat? That’s exactly what this happy bunch of people decided to do! Did you know about the tradition of ceremonial champagne smashing on new boats and ships? Well if you haven’t, this video can help you with that! Apparently, sacrificial champagne bottles should be smashed against new ships in order to bring luck to the sailors. That sounds like an interesting tradition, even though it definitely isn’t fail-proof! The woman from this video is here just to show you how not to smash a champagne bottle! She’s sitting on the edge of the boat and struggling to break the bottle no matter how hard she tries and smashes it on the side of the boat! LOL! Who would have thought that you can fail at breaking a glass bottle? This is absolutely hilarious if you ask me!