Adorable Baby Boy Chews On Mom’s Fingers

AFVVirals Published April 27, 2018 2 Plays

Rumble This video is too cute for words! Babies are such adorable little beings! And the cute little boy from this video is definitely not an exception! Even though babies are too cute to handle, it doesn’t mean that their everyday life is all fun and games! They have to put up with teething, you know! However, those bundles of joy always find a way of dealing with that annoying teething process. And the baby boy from this video sure has found a creative way to do it! He is sitting on his mom’s belly and chewing on her fingers. OMG, how cute is he? And his way of dealing with teething pain is just genius. Babies from all around the world, watch and learn! It’s a two in one kind of solution, really. Not only does he get to relive his teething pain, he also gets to cuddle with mom! How cute is this clever little baby boy? So adorable!