4 years ago

Magnificent Snowy Owl Adores Bath Time

The Internet society is obsessed with animals, and rightly so. They’re cute, fun and loving, and we can never get enough of them. Such is the case in this cute video featuring a Snowy Owl taking a solo bath. He is so adorable you won’t be able to stop giggling while watching it!

Heartwarming footage has emerged of Yuma the Owl enjoying his alone time while taking a bath. Watch as this Snowy Owl splashes the water below his wings, making for a squeaky clean performance! Cuteness overload! Some of us love bath time, because it means some quality alone time, others do it just to get it over with. The same goes for animals, only they are either madly in love with water or avoid it like the plague. Some have been known to jump into the bathtub and eagerly wait for the water to start running, while others scream and kick and bite to get away!

In this clip, we witness the adorable moment of a Snowy Owl taking a shower. Take a look as this feathery animal spreads its wings and moves along to the spray and just cant wait to get all nice and clean. Apparently, this owl takes hygiene too seriously. Watching him enjoy bath time simply tells us that he enjoys the smell of fresh and clean! Have you ever seen an animal that enjoys taking baths this much?! He is comfortably nested in his the plastic tub, lounging under the running water, dancing and prancing as his owner sprays him with water. This video is a must-watch which will give you your daily dose of cuteness, we guarantee!

Yuma the 10-month-old snowy owl loves bathing and does so twice a week. What a beautiful bird !

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