Florida's Nature Coast - Weeki Wachee-Crystal River-Dunnellon-Cedar Key

23 days ago

Weeki Wachee(4:30), Homosassa Springs(6:18), Ozello(13:44), Crystal River(15:09), Dunnellon(23:01), Inverness(27:37), & Cedar Key(30:29) in this video of Florida's Nature Coast

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Snokeling With Manatees(7:37) https://www.snorkelingwithmanatees.com/
PT Airboat Adventures(9:25) https://www.ptairboatadventures.com/
Crystal River Watersports CatBoat Tour(19:52) https://crystalriverwatersports.com/
Plantation Adventure Center(16:25) 9301 W Fort Island Trl, Crystal River
Crystal River Manatee Adventures(19:34) 200 US Hwy 19, Crystal River
Explorida(19:41) 545 N Citrus Ave, Crystal River
Fun 2 Dive(19:44) 135 NE 3rd St, Crystal River
Waterfront Adventures(19:47) 704 NW 6th St, Crystal River
River Ventures (19:49) 498 SE Kings Bay Dr, Crystal River
Tidewater Boat Tour(33:10) 302 Dock St, Cedar Key

Lift Adventure Park(3:55) 17362 Old Dixie Hwy, Hudson
Kayaking Weeki Wachee Springs(5:12) 6131 Commercial Way Spring Hill
Snokeling With Manatees(7:37) https://www.snorkelingwithmanatees.com/
Hang Em High Sport Fishing(15:17) 12645 W Fort Island Trl, Crystal River
Paddles Outdoor Adventure(17:21) 469 NE 1st St, Crystal River
Captain Bob's Airboat Tours(24:13) 12189 S Williams St, Dunnellon
Get Up & Go Kayaking(24:34) 9435 SW 190th Ave Rd, Dunnellon
Tubing Rainbow River(25:56) 10830 SW 180th Ave Rd, Dunnellon

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park(4:33) 6131 Commercial Way Spring Hill
Ellie Schiller WildLife Park(11:50) 9225 W Fishbowl Dr, Homosassa
Hunter Springs Park(16:44) 18 NE 2nd St, Crystal River
Kings Bay Park(17:13) 268 NW 3rd St, Crystal River
Rainbow Springs State Park(24:22) 19158 SW 81st Pl Rd, Dunnellon
Withlacoochee Trail(27:22) 2246 W Magnenta Citrus Springs
The Depot(27:41) 300 N Apopka Ave, Inverness
Manatee Springs State Park(38:30) 11650 NW 115th St, Chiefland
Nature Coast Trail(29:50) 71 NE 81st Ave Old Town
#4 Bridge Fishing Pier(30:42) 11311 SW 153rd Ct, Cedar Key

Florida Cracker Monkey Bar(6:31) 5297 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa
MacRae's Shed Bar & Grill(6:51) 5300 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa
The Freezer Tiki Bar(7:16) 5590 S Boulevard Dr, Homosassa
Crumps Landing(8:55) 11210 W Halls River Rd, Homosassa
Peck's Old Port Cove(14:25) 139 N Ozello Trail, Crystal River
Shrimp Landing Seafood(12645 W Fort Island Trail, Crystal River
Waterfront Social(21:30) 1610 SE Paradise Cir, Crystal River
Crab Plant(21:58) 201 NW 5th St, Crystal River
Tipsy Tarpon(22:06) 513 NW 2nd Ave, Crystal River
Dockside Ice Cream Shoppe(22:19) 300 NW SE US Hwy 19, Crystal River
Cracker's Bar & Grill(22:31) 502 NW 6th St, Crystal River
Thai-Phoon Restaurant(22:48) 238 SE US Hwy 19, Crystal River
Blue Gator(23:57) 12189 S Williams St, Dunnellon
Swampy's Bar & Grille(28:01) 19773 E Pennsylvania St, Dunnellon
Swanee Belle Landing(29:38) 282 SE 989th St, Old Town
Lenny's Tiki Tour(30:56) 12050 FL Hwy 24, Cedar Key
Steamers Clam Bar & Grill(32:28) 420 Dock St, Cedar Key
Liam & Madi's Bar(32:41) 360 St, Cedar Key
Tipsy Cow Bar & Grill(32:46) 360 Dock St, Cedar Key
Big Deck Bar & Grill(32:51) 331 Dock St, Cedar Key
83 West & 29 North Restaurant(32:59) 310 Dock St, Cedar Key

Air BnB Homosassa-Dew Drop Inn(3:07) AirBnB.com
Motel 6 Weeki Wachee(6:11) 6172 Commercial Way, Spring Hill
Florida Cracker Resort(6:31) 5297 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa
MacRae's of Homosassa Motel(7:03) 5300 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa
Plantation Resort(16:09) 9301 W Fort Island Trl, Crystal River
Port Hotel & Marina(21:21) 1610 SE Paradise Cir, Crystal River
Angler's Resort Motel(24:22) 12189 S Williams St, Dunnellon
LowKey Hideaway Resort(30:53) 12050 FL Hwy 24, Cedar Key
Island Place at Cedar Key(31:43) 550 1st St, Cedar Key

00:00 Introduction
03:52 Hudson, FL
04:29 Weeki Wachee Springs
06:17 Homosassa Springs
07:36 Snorkeling W/Manatees
08:53 Airboat Tour
11:49 Homosassa WildLife Pk
13:43 Ozello, FL
15:09 Crystal River
17:15 Kayak 3 Sisters Spgs
19:50 CatBoat Tour
23:01 Dunnellon, FL
24:28 Rainbow Springs
25:29 Kayak Rainbow River
28:20 Manatee Springs
30:28 Cedar Key, FL

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