Pearls of Wisdom: Oracle reading for 26 May24

1 month ago

Pearls of Wisdom with Katharina Bless
Oracle reading for 26 May 2024

This is a very helpful way to find the way throught the maze of our shifting times. Enjoy!
I will add an image of the Schumann resonance in the blog, check it out.
Here you find the additional images:

and this is the URL for the video from Kryon that I mentioned:

Katharina is a spiritual teacher since 4 decades, traveling the world and teaching. As an "old soul" her goal is to help human beings to see beyond the material/persona limitations and innerstand that we are divine beings having a human experience.
She is retired and lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand where she grows her own food and planted an orchard of fruit and other trees.

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