🔴Biden has FULL PANIC ATTACK as Fani Willis Georgia EVIDENCE upends EVERYTHING!!

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Thanks Jim - https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/05/trump-taunts-jack-smith-after-request-gag-him/

- **Biden’s Approval and Fundraising Issues:** Biden’s approval rating and fundraising are both declining. Speculation about Democrats planning a contingency plan for the summer.
- **Georgia Election Ballots:** A viral video revealed Georgia’s election committee couldn’t find 380,761 ballot images from election day and over 17,000 from the recount. Questions arise about who is destroying these ballots and whether this could flip Georgia to Trump.
- **Biden and DOJ Audio Tapes:** Concerns about what the White House and DOJ are hiding on audio tapes involving Joe Biden and Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, and why committees are being blocked from accessing them.
- **Michael Cohen’s Credibility:** Michael Cohen admitted to six felonies, lying, and stealing money from Trump. Discussion on whether this damages Cohen’s credibility and benefits Trump.
- **FBI and DOJ Use of Deadly Force:** New revelations suggest the FBI and DOJ were authorized to use deadly force against Trump, his property, and people, allegedly ordered by Biden and Merrick Garland.
- **Hypothetical Trump Raid on Obama:** Wayne Allyn Root questioned what would have happened if Trump had authorized a deadly raid on Obama’s house, suggesting there would have been widespread protests from Democrats.
- **FBI Actions During Trump Raid:** The FBI blocked Trump’s lawyer from being present during document collections and ordered Trump to turn off his security cameras.
- **Gateway Pundit Promotion:** A direct link to Gateway Pundit is provided for further information.

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