What Happened to DANNY GLOVER?

25 days ago

Detective Murtaugh sees a mysterious man pull out a weapon in the middle of a police station. He heroically jumps into action to project and serve and tackle. But it turns out it is just god ol’ Mel Gibson who overpowers and flips this 50 year old character, who is played by a 40 year old actor Danny Glover. Humiliated and hurt, Danny Glover spits out an iconic line that has grown ti define him career and it’s a meme, “I’m too old for this sh**.” Danny Glover was too old for this sh** 3 decades ago… but he has kept on grinding, making motion pictures ever since. But maybe Danny Glover is too old for this sh**…. if that “sh**” is good movies. Oh I kid! I kid!
Glover may not have any Oscars (or, surprisingly, a single nomination) but he did get a late start in his movie career – having broken out in his 40s – So what has Danny Glover, now on the cusp of his 80s, been doing? He’s certainly not retired – not on the big screen and not through his other endeavors. But how has he spent his years? What has he been doing instead of giving us the LETHAL WEAPON 5 we deserve? Or at least a Danny Glover Arnold Schwarzenegger buddy cop Predator sequel?!!! I would settle for a Wes Anderson cameo actually….

Let’s find out: WTF Happened to…DANNY GLOVER?

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